How to use Mirror command in AutoCAD 2023?

By | April 25, 2023

The topic today: How to use the Mirror command in AutoCAD 2023?

The mirror command in AutoCAD 2023 is used to create a mirrored copy or a symmetrical reflection of selected objects across a specified axis or mirror line. Here’s how to use the mirror command in AutoCAD 2023:

1. Open your AutoCAD 2023 software and load the drawing you want to work on.

2. Click the “Home” tab on the ribbon at the top of the screen.

3. In the “Modify” panel, locate and click on the “Mirror” command button. Alternatively, you can type “MIRROR” or “MI” in the command line and press Enter.

4. At the prompt, select the objects you want to mirror by clicking on them one at a time or by using a selection window. After you’ve selected all the desired objects, press the Enter key to confirm the selection.

5. Now, specify the “first point of mirror line” by either clicking on the desired location in the drawing area or by entering the coordinates of the point in the command line, followed by pressing Enter.

6. Next, specify the “second point of mirror line” in the same manner. This will define the axis or mirror line across which the selected objects will be mirrored.

7. The mirrored copy of the selected objects will now appear on the other side of the mirror line. At this point, AutoCAD will prompt you with the question “Erase source objects? [Yes/No] ”. Type “Y” and press Enter to erase the original objects or type “N” and press Enter to keep both the original objects and their mirrored copies in the drawing.

8. The Mirror command is now complete, and you can continue with your drawing or make further modifications as needed.

Remember to save your work periodically to avoid losing any progress.

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