Hide image boder when plot in AutoCAD

Hi friends. I have read on the forum about AutoCAD. Some questions are How to hide image border in AutoCAD? How to remove a frame from the image in AutoCAD? It’s so easy. You can set up a variable in AutoCAD. It is an IMAGEFRAME variable. Value Description: 0 The image frame is not displayed or plotted. The… Read More »

03 command to make Dimension Grid quickly

Hi my friends! Today I will share to everyone about 03 command to make dimension for Grid quickly in AutoCAD. They will help you to save time when working with AutoCAD. 03 command is YQArch plugin so you need to install this plugin. AZH command; ZH command; DDGZ command. Thanks for reading my Blog! Good to become a… Read More »

Cursor jumpy when snap in AutoCAD

Hi my friends! Sometime when you work with AutoCAD, You will meet problem about cursor jumpy when using snap. Cursor skips over some object snaps when you work. How to fix this problem? It’s so easy! You can do as follows: 1st way: Using F9 2nd way: DS >Snap and Grid > Setup “Snap on (F9)” is off.… Read More »

Hide or Display icon bottom right of AutoCAD screen

(autocadtip.com) – How to hide icon bar at bottom right of AutoCAD screen? How to display icon bar at bottom right? It’so easy. You can do as follows: Click the three horizontal lines at the right end of the status bar. Checking or unchecking items in the list will show or hide buttons in the Status Bar. Thanks for visiting… Read More »

Setup Two Model Viewports

Hello, my friends! I want to open a file drawing with two viewports in Model AutoCAD. How to do that? >> Display or hide File Tabs AutoCAD >> Hide or Display Layout and Model tabs >> Turn on or off Navigation Bar AutoCAD Ok! It’s so easy. You can do step-by-step as follows: Step 1: View > Viewport… Read More »