How to Import XY Coordinates from Excel into AutoCAD?

Importing XY coordinates from Excel into AutoCAD can be done through a multiple-step process. Here’s one method: 1. Prepare your Excel spreadsheet with the coordinates that you like to import into AutoCAD. It would be best to have the X, Y (and Z as necessary) coordinates in separate columns. Save your spreadsheet. 2. In AutoCAD, you can use… Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Select Objects in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, there are multiple ways to select objects to execute the commands. Here are the top 10 methods: 1. **Regular “Click” selection**: This is the simplest way, where you click on each object one by one. 2. **Window Selection**: Click and drag from left to right to form a blue window. This will select all objects entirely… Read More »

How to Control Linetype Scale in AutoCAD?

Controlling the linetype scale in AutoCAD can be achieved on three levels: globally, for the whole drawing, for a specific space (such as model space or paper space), and for an individual object. Here’s how you can do it: 1. **Globally (the entire drawing):** Use the system variable  LTSCALE. Type LTSCALE at the command prompt and then set… Read More »

How to Create an Arc with Specific Length in AutoCAD?

Creating an arc of a specific length in AutoCAD involves three steps: creating the arc, measuring its length, and adjusting it accordingly. Here are the detailed steps: 1. Start by creating the arc using the ARC command. You can do this by specifying three points in the AutoCAD environment, entering ‘ARC’ in the command line, and then clicking… Read More »