How to create a defpoint layer in AutoCAD

By | May 21, 2014

Defpoints layer is very important for draftsman. You should remember that. When you make a new AutoCAD file, you do not see defpoints layer. You don’t worry that, I will help you to resolve this matter. How to create a defpoints layers in AutoCAD?
1. You can create new layer and change this layer’s name into DEFPOINTS
2. You can place a dimension anything in the drawing, defpoints layer will be created automatically.

What do AutoCAD defpoints layer use for?

what is defpoints layer for?
It will be used for object that you want them not to plot. For example, viewport border is used. So when you finish a drawing, you need to check all objects layers and its attribute again before you print to issue.

What shouldn’t AutoCAD defpoints layers use for?

What should not defpoints layer use for?
Defpoints layer link to layer 0. When you freeze layer 0, you can’t modify objects in the defpoints layer. You might know it but other people or your customer might not know it and they will think your autocad file corrupt or bug.