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[Error] Not select more than one object AutoCAD

How to fix error not select more than one object in AutoCAD? Solution: Using variable PICKADD Do step by step as follows: Step 1: PICKADD > Enter Step 2: Input value 1 or 2 > Enter to finish Value Description 0 Turns off PICKADD. The objects most recently selected become the selection set. Previously selected objects are automatically… Read More »

Tips for AutoCAD User – Zoom

ZOOM to view your drawing. The zoom command helps us observe objects faster. Therefore, you need to know how to use the functions of this command. You can combine the use of zoom and mouse middle – droll to observe objects more effectively. Follow the prompts displayed after the ZOOM command to view your drawing exactly how you… Read More »

Tips for AutoCAD User – Layer

Just like Revit, Photoshop, or SketchUp software,… AutoCAD also has a layer feature. If you don’t know this feature, it’s deplorable. If you need to successfully use commands or functions related to Layers, it will help you work faster and save time. With layers, you can: Associate objects by their function or location. Display or hide all related… Read More »

Create Drawing Catalog AutoCAD

How to Create Drawing Catalog in AutoCAD? Solution: Using YQArch plugin with DWGL command Do step by step as follows: Step 1: DWGL > Enter Step 2: Select frame block > Show Drawing Catalog Step 3: Setup here > Click OK Step 4: Select frame blocks > Enter Step 5: Pick insert point of the table to finish… Read More »

Tips for AutoCAD User – Draw Order

Why should you know Draw Order command in AutoCAD? In a drawing, I firmly believe that there will be objects overlapping each other. For example: Text and Hatch, Hatch many patterns overlap each other, … When you print a drawing, if the text is below the hatch solid, that text will definitely not be visible. Therefore, you must… Read More »