How to use Copy command in AutoCAD 2023?

By | April 24, 2023

To use the Copy command in AutoCAD 202 same as previous vervion, follow these steps:

1. Open AutoCAD 2023 and the drawing you want to edit.
2. Select the objects you want to copy. You can do this by clicking on them individually, or by using a selection window (click, hold, and drag to create a window around the objects).
3. Type “COPY” or “CO” in the command line and press Enter. Alternatively, you can use the Home tab in the ribbon, then click on the Copy icon in the Modify panel.
4. You will be prompted to specify a base point. Pick any point either by clicking on it, or by typing in the coordinate values using the X,Y,Z format (for example, “2,3,0” without quotes) followed by Enter. The base point represents the point from which you will copy your objects.
5. Now, specify the second point or displacement. This is the point to which the original objects will be copied, and you can specify it in several ways:
a. Click on a point in the drawing that represents the final position.
b. Type in the coordinate values using the X,Y,Z format, similar to the base point.
c. Enter a distance and angle, for example “@5<30” (without quotes, where “5” is the distance and “30” is the angle), followed by Enter.
6. If you want to copy the objects multiple times, you can use the “m” option. After specifying the base point, type “m” and press Enter. Then, specify the number of times you want the objects to be copied and press Enter again.

The selected objects will now be copied, and you can see them in the new location(s) as specified.

Note: The Copy command creates multiple instances of the selected objects but does not affect the original objects. If you want to move the original objects instead of creating copies, use the Move command (type “MOVE” or “M” in the command line and follow similar steps).