How to edit shortcut command in AutoCAD

By | March 3, 2014

Change or edit shortcut keys is one of tips to help you to draw faster. My advice that you should modify these commands that has less letter shortcut command. For example, I would like to change the shortcut key for the COPY command to “C” instead of “CO” and CIRCLE to “CR” instead of “C” because I use the COPY command much more than CIRCLE and I’d like to maximize my drafting efficiency. You will be introduced two ways here.

First way: find acad.pgp file and edit it

Click Tools on toolbar > customize > edit program parameter (acad.pgp) > show notepad file

Help you to find acad.pgp to edit shortcut command in AutoCAD 2012.

File “acad.pgp”

Next, we can edit CIRCLE and COPY command.

Guide to edit CIRCLE of shortcut command in AutoCAD 2012.

Edit C into CR

Help you to edit COPY shortcut key command AutoCAD.

Edit CP into C

After editting completely, you must save this acad.pgp file and then close. Continuously, How to AutoCAD understand this change? There are two ways.

  • You restart AutoCAD again.
  • REINIT command > show Re-initialization dialog box > select PGP file > Ok.
This is a tutorial about REINIT command  AutoCAD.

Re-initianization box

Second way: Alias Editor feature in AutoCAD

Click express on toolbar > tools > command Alias Editor > show acad.pgp – AutoCAD Alias Editor.

This is a the AutoCAD Alias editor dialog box.

AutoCAD Alias editor

With CIRCLE command:

This is a tutorial change circle by edit command alias AutoCAD.

Change circle

With COPY command:

This is a tutorial to change copy by edit command Alias AutoCAD.

Change copy


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