Copy command in AutoCAD

By | January 15, 2014

Hi, welcome to AutoCAD Tutorial

Today, I will help you to use Copy command in AutoCAD software. You can use this command to duplicate objects in drawing. The steps to perform this command as following:

Step 1: Chose Modify > Copy or pick Copy icon or type Copy or shortcut is CO > press Space.

Copy command

Step 1: Choose Copy command

Copy command

Choose copy icon

Step 2: Choose object need to copy > press Space.

Copy command

Step 2: Choose object to need copy in AutoCAD

Now you see left bottom of screen on command line toolbar. There are two options:

Copy command

Two options of copy command

Option 1: Displacement, when choose this option, base point is origin coordinate.

Option 2: Mode, when you choose this option, it will show two options, single or multiple. When you get single option, you only copy one time and the end command. When you choose multiple option, you can copy many objects until you is the end command.

Step 3: Choose base point.

Copy command

Step 4: Pick basic point to copy in AutoCAD

Step 4:  Choose point to copy to

Copy command

Step 4: Choose point need to copy to

If you want to repeat this command, you can press Space or click right of mouse