Tips for AutoCAD User – Principle to rename Shortcuts command

By | June 17, 2024

Principle to rename the Shortcuts command in AutoCAD that you should know when using AutoCAD

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  1. The shortcut command is reminiscent of the original command so you can guess when using it. For example: Circle = CI or C
  2. Commands with 2 characters should be placed so that these 2 characters are as close to each other as possible;
  3. Commands with 3 characters should be converted to 2 characters for faster operation;
  4. Numeric characters can be used as shortcut commands for more flexibility;
  5. Frequently used commands should be placed so that the characters are on the left half of the keyboard.
  6. You should not change the shortcut commands for rarely used commands but should leave them as default in AutoCAD.

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