How to use Polyline command in AutoCAD 2023?

By | April 28, 2023

The topic today: How to use the Polyline command in AutoCAD 2023?

The Polyline command in AutoCAD 2023 and the same as the previous version is used to draw connected lines, arcs, or a combination of both. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Polyline command:

1. Open your drawing or begin a new one in AutoCAD.

2. Start the Polyline command by doing one of the following:
a) Type “PLINE” or “PL” in the command line, then press Enter.
b) Click the “Polyline” icon in the “Draw” panel under the “Home” tab on the ribbon interface.

3. Specify the starting point of the polyline:
a) Click a location in your drawing or use the coordinate input method to define the start point (e.g., type “0,0” for the origin point and press Enter).

4. Specify the next point (vertex) or use an option presented in the command line or dynamic input:
a) Click another point in your drawing or use the coordinate input method.
b) Use available options like arc segments, halfwidth, or width. Enter the appropriate letter for the option you want to use, and follow the prompts.

5. Continue specifying points or options to create your polyline:
a) Repeat step 4 for each additional segment you want to add.
b) To close the polyline, type “C” for “Close” and then press Enter.
c) To finish without closing, you can either press Enter or right-click and choose “Enter” in the context menu.

6. The completed polyline will remain selected. If you need to modify it, use the “grips” or object properties to adjust it as needed.

7. Press Esc to deselect the polyline and end the command.

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