How to use Move command in AutoCAD 2023?

By | April 27, 2023

The topic today: How to use the Move command in AutoCAD 2023.

In AutoCAD 2023 and the same as the previous version, the Move command allows you to move objects or a selected group of objects from one location to another in your drawing. Here’s how to use the Move command:

1. Launch AutoCAD 2023 and open your drawing or create a new one.

2. Select the objects you want to move. You can do this either by clicking on each object or by using a selection window to select multiple objects at once.

3. After selecting the objects, type ‘MOVE‘ or ‘M‘ in the command line and press Enter (or Spacebar) to start the Move command.

4. Specify a base point for the move. This can be a point on one of the objects, an endpoint, an intersection, or any location in your drawing. You can either click on the desired point directly in your drawing or enter the coordinates manually (such as ‘10,10’) and press Enter.

5. Now specify a second point to set the direction and distance of the move. You can use the same methods as before (clicking on the desired point in your drawing or entering coordinates manually), but this time it’s to indicate where you want to move your selected object(s).

6. Press Enter to complete the Move command. The selected object(s) will be moved to the new location as specified.

7. If necessary, use the Undo command (type ‘U’ or ‘UNDO’ in the command line) to undo the move if you made a mistake.

Tip: Remember, you can also use the Move command in combination with other AutoCAD commands such as Copy, Rotate, and Scale for more complex operations.

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