Flip feature dynamic block tutorial in AutoCAD

By | June 2, 2014

In the previously tutorial, you will be introduced Stretch action. Flip feature is one of dynamic block function in AutoCAD. It is very helpful for doors which may open from the left or right, or open inward or outward. If you don’t add function, when you want to place this door opened left, right, and inward or outward, you must use RO(rotate) and MI(mirror) command.

Follow these steps to create a door that flips both ways:

Step 1: Create a door

Step 2: Define block

Step 3: Add flip action dynamic block

1. Select block > click on right of mouse and then you choose Block Editor from the menu toolbar (or can use BE command). CAD will show interface as below.

This is Block Editor interface in AutoCAD

Block Editor interface

2. Opening parameters palettes > activate Flip parameter > place the mirror line as figure below

Flip parameters place both two ways for door

Flip parameters place

3. Opening actions palettes > activate Flip action and you carry out with the follow prompt

Select parameter: Choose flip parameter

Select objects: choose all object need to mirror

And then press enter on keyboard to end command. After adding Flip both way, you close block editor.


This is Flip door both two ways result

Door dynamic block

Note: You need to choose block’s base point as figure below before activate flip action.

Place base point again in the Block Editor AutoCAD

Base point

Video tutorial: