Visibility feature dynamic block tutorial in AutoCAD

By | June 4, 2014

I have a new challenge for you. I have four types of doors such as left, right, inward and outward opened. I want to create a block to show four options. What do you do?

AutoCAD tutorial

Don’t worry. Beside Stretch, Flip action dynamic block, AutoCAD remain to give visibility feature. In this tutorial, you will be helped to use this function.

Step 1: Draw doors as below

Step 2: Define block

Step 3: Add visibility feature

(1) You need to open your block editor interface, CAD show interface as below.

Create a door with four side opening

Step 1

(2) Opening parameters palettes > activate visibility parameter > place parameter location as figure below.

Visibility parameter location for block

Step 2

(3) Click on visibility states icon on toolbar or click on double left of mouse parameter before > show visibility states and then you need to create new visibility states such as left, right, inward and outward. You can see figure as below > press OK button.

Visibility states dialog box in Block Editor

Step 4

(4) Next step, make objects invisibility for the current visibility state.

Select visibility state > select object invisibility > click on invisibility icon on toolbar > click on save block icon on toolbar.

(5) Close Block editor

Door block with visibility action - Four side opening


Video tutorial: