How to use Stretch command in AutoCAD 2023?

By | April 25, 2023

The topic today: How to use the Stretch command in AutoCAD 2023.

To use the Stretch command in AutoCAD 2023 and the same as the previous version, follow these steps:

1. Launch AutoCAD 2023 and open or create the drawing you want to modify.

2. Make sure to switch to the Modify tab or Home tab on the ribbon, where you will find the Stretch command. The Stretch command is represented by a blue arrow with two blue boxes attached to the end.

3. Click on the Stretch command or type “S” or “STRETCH” in the command line, and then press Enter.

4. You will now need to select the points or objects you want to stretch. Use a crossing window selection for this. Click on a point outside of the objects you want to select, then click and drag diagonally across the objects, ensuring the crossing tool window entirely covers the points you want to move. Release the mouse button to finish the selection. The selected objects will be highlighted.

5. Press Enter to confirm the selection.

6. The command prompt will now ask you to specify a base point. Click on a point in the drawing area to set the base point. This is the point from which the stretch action will originate.

7. The command prompt will then ask you to specify the second point. Click on another point in the drawing area to define how far and in what direction you want the objects to be stretched.

8. The selected objects will now stretch according to the specified points. Press Enter or the Esc key to end the Stretch command.

You can undo the stretch by typing “U” or “UNDO” in the command line and pressing Enter.

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