How to use Move action in dynamic block AutoCAD

By | June 17, 2014

Continuously with dynamic block tutorial. In this part, I will help you how to use Move action in dynamic block AutoCAD. You move dynamic block geometry using a Move action. You can associate a move action with a point, linear, XY, or polar parameter, and then define the geometry the move action acts upon. Whenever the associated parameter changes, the move action moves the associated geometry in the block.
The point parameter defines a single, square grip and an XY coordinate custom property. AutoCAD always expresses point parameter coordinates in terms of the block’s coordinate system, not in terms of the drawing (or world) coordinate system.

When to use Move action?

AutoCAD tutorial

You should assign this feature for elements in block that it is not permanent. For example, key lock is for door, drainage hole is for lavabo…

How to add Move action add point parameter in dynamic block?

Step 1: Make object
Step 2: Define block

Add Move ation dynamic block AutoCAD-01


Step 3: Add Move action to definition block

Ađ Move ation dynamic block AutoCAD-02

Dynamic block

Video tutorial add Move action in dynamic block: