How to create block quickly in AutoCAD

By | March 7, 2014

In previously post, you had been introduced create and edit block in AutoCAD. So what do you want to create a block quickly? I will be tutorial two ways for you.

1st way: You select objects need to create block and then using Ctrl + C to copy these objects, after that use Ctrl + Shift + V to past them. With this method, created block’s name is A$…………………

Block's name when create block quickly AutoCAD single

Block’s name with 1st way

2nd way: Using AutoLisp

First, you download AutoLips file and load into AutoCAD by Load application feature.

Next, type QB to start command > select objects > Space > click to choose insertion point. The method will automatically give the block a generic name “MyBlock” followed by a number. Each time you use the routine to create a quick block. The number will increase incrementally (ex. MyBlock1, MyBlock2, MyBlock3…).

Block's name when create block quickly AutoCAD AutoLISP

Block’s name with 2nd way

Download Lisp create a block quickly

Video practice

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