Tip how to change justification Text AutoCAD

By | December 7, 2017

AutoCAD Tip today – How to change justification Text AutoCAD? Here’s how: 1. Express tools >  Modify Text > Justify > Select Center or Middle or Right or … 2. Select Text > Ctrl + 1 (Open properties diaglog box) > Justify > Left or Center or Right or … Do you think this posts helpfully? Good luck!

How to change abc prompt in AutoCAD, MTJIGSTRING command

By | November 27, 2017

AutoCAD Tip today – How to change abc prompt in AutoCAD 2018? When you enter MT <enter> in the command line. You normally see abc prompt. AutoCAD allows you change it by MTJIGSTRING command. When you enter MTJIGSTRING <enter>. You are able to enter ten characters to welcome you when using MTEXT command. Please watch video tutorial to… Read More »

What is Layer 0 in AutoCAD

By | November 5, 2017

AutoCAD Tip today – What is Layer 0 in AutoCAD? Layer 0 is a default layer in AutoCAD. You can not delete Layer 0. You can define this properties such as color, lineweight, plot, … but you can not rename. If in Block editor, you use this layer for objects, you can assign other layers for these blocks.… Read More »