Plugin YQArch – Wall Offseting

Wall Offseting in AutoCAD with Plugin YQArch. Shortcut command: WWO Video tutorial on Youtube NTD Official channel:

How to join lines straight with gaps in AutoCAD?

Hello everyone, welcome to! How to join lines straight with gaps in AutoCAD? Use the “Join” command: Type “JOIN” in the command line and press Enter. AutoCAD will prompt you to select objects. Click on the two straight lines you want to join. Press Enter again to complete the join operation. Thanks for visiting this Blog! WATCHING… Read More »

How to make custom linetype custom in AutoCAD?

Hello everyone, Welcome back! The “MKLTYPE” command in AutoCAD (Make Linetype) allows you to create a new linetype from objects or shapes you have drawn within your current drawing. Here are the steps to use the “MKLTYPE” command: Open the AutoCAD drawing in which you want to create a new linetype. In the AutoCAD interface, type “MKLTYPE”… Read More »