Difference between Block and Group in AutoCAD

By | June 20, 2024

What is the Difference between the Block and the Group in AutoCAD?

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Block Group
The shortcut command is B. The shortcut command is G.
When you make any change in the block, the same change will be done in its other copies automatically. Groups are unique you can only change one at a time if needed, automatic changes to all of its copies won’t be done.
To explode a Block use the X command. To explode a Group use the UNG command.
Less flexible as they’re meant to maintain consistency across the drawing. More flexible and can be ungrouped as needed, giving more freedom while editing.
Useful when you have recurring elements in your drawings. For example, in architectural drafting, elements like doors or windows can be created as blocks for consistency and ease of modification across the drawing. Handy when you need to temporarily or permanently organize sets of objects together without the rigid consistency of blocks.
Can be transferred to other drawings, turning into libraries of commonly used components via interfaces like the Blocks Palette, Design Centre or Tool Palettes. Remain unique to each drawing, not meant to be transferred.
They require a bit of setup, naming, and defining before they can be used. They are created quickly with a default name or a name of your choice, making them a quick organizational tool when working on a drawing.
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