What are dynamic block in AutoCAD

By | June 5, 2014

They are blocks that can have a variable appearance and placement using grip constraints. Dynamic Blocks are flexible and intelligent. They can automatically align themselves with existing geometry. They can have multiple insertion points. They can change visibility, representing multiple versions in one block instead of inserting multiple variations, and you can edit the geometry without exploding them. This enables you to modify the appearance of individual block references rather than searching for other block definitions to insert or redefining the existing ones.

Why Should I Use Dynamic Blocks?

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Blocks, an essential part of nearly any drawing, are used to represent real-world objects. Different variations of real-world objects can require you to define just as many variations of blocks. Dynamic Blocks will reduce your block library size. They can be locked and protected from being exploded. They can be placed on a Tool Palette for greater organization and they will make you more productive by maintaining standards and reducing your clicks and picks.