New array command in AutoCAD 2012

By | June 6, 2014

New Array command in AutoCAD 2012 is huge change. Especially, the feature is associate objects. Array objects are similar to dynamic blocks. The function ishelpful for draftsman. You can modify some information quickly more such as number, spacing, base point, edit source and replace item.

In the series, I will help you to layout bar for reinforcement concrete wall with array command in AutoCAD 2012. The first, you create a section wall boundary. The second, you make a vertical rebar. The thirds, you make a horizontal bar section and then using array command to layout this bars.

Type AR on the command line > enter > select objects need to array > enter > AutoCAD show three of type (rectangular, path and polar) > you choose rectangular option > click on the side need to place this objects > input space of items > enter > exit.

Associate objects have two points stretch and you can modify so that suitable requirements.

Associate objects with array command

Array command

Video tutorial: