Ray command in AutoCAD

By | February 13, 2014

Ray command in AutoCAD is used to draw a ray precisely same Xline command but not limited endpoint. Ray is used to make a line alignment when you draw a projection. In addition, you can use this command to draw lines with angle anything.

Step 1: Start the command

Click Draw on toolbars > choose Ray

To give a tutorial to you start ray command in AutoCAD

Start RAY command

Or type RAY on command line > press Space.

Step 2: Select a start point.

Step 3: Select the second point that this ray will pass through.

Step 4: This function is continuous, selecting various second points that this ray pass through at different angles while using the same start point.

To give a tutorial the RAY command to you choose start point and second point in AutoCAD

Choose start point and second point

Step 5: Press the Enter or Space key to finish.