Move command in AutoCAD

By | January 12, 2014

Hi, welcome to AutoCAD tutorial

To move an object from this place to another position that you can use the move command. The steps to perform this command as follows:

  • Step 1: Choose Modify > move or pick Move icon or type Move or shortcut is M > press Space.
Move command

Step 1: Move command in AutoCAD

Move icon

Step 1: Move icon in AutoCAD

Move command

Step 1: Type Move command

Move command

Step 1: Move of shortcut is M

  • Step 2: Choose Objects that need to move > press Space.
Seclect object

Step 2: Select Object in AutoCAD

  • Step 3: Choose Basepoint.
Move command

Step 3: Select base point

  • Step 4: Choose Point to move to
Move command

Step 4: Choose point need to move to

If you want to repeat this command, you can press Space or click right of the mouse