Filter command tutorial in AutoCAD

By | July 15, 2014

Filter shortcut is FI. Filter is the same Quick Select basic feature and have a lot of properties. Filter command apply to select object quickly in AutoCAD drawing. You can set multiple conditional filters at once time. Quick Select only allow you to apply one conditional filter at a time. Filter follow that you need to apply another filter to your selection. In addition, you can save the filter setting and use it again later.

How to use Filter command?

For example, now I want to select all text in the drawing

Command: FI > Enter and then AutoCAD show Object selection filters dialog box as below

Step 1: At Select filter, you click on list drop and then choose Text

Step 2: Click on Add list button

Step 3: Press Apply button after you choose area requirement by Cross Window or Window > Enter.

Help step by step Filter command in AutoCAD-0025

Object Selection Filters dialog box

Select text by Filter command

Result select text by Filter command

How to delete List of properties?

If you want to delete all properties, you only press Clear list in the dialog box. Also, if you want to delete a property, you can do it as figure below

Help to delete properties in object selection filters

Delete properties in object selection filters dialog box

You can learn and practice follow video tutorial as below: