Delete layer in AutoCAD

By | January 19, 2014


In previously lessons, I have guided  to create new layerin Autocad.Today, AutoCAD Tutorial will help to delete a layer in AutoCAD. layer in a drawing if you do not use ,you should delete it. some on the drawing layer is not removed as layer 0, currently  layer and layers are used for objects.

Step 1: Open layer properties manager, type shortcut command is LA > press Space.

Step 2: Click Invert filter on layer properties manager. This option will show all layer not used.

Choose invert filter option to delete layer in

Choose Invert filter option

Step 3: Click  layer need to delete > click delete ion or if you want to delete this all layers, you choose Ctrl + A > click delete ion.

Delete layer in AutoCAD

Choose layer and delete

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