Export tutorial construction progress chart MP to AutoCAD

By | February 27, 2014

If you are engineer or project manager, you need to be fluent AutoCAD and Microsoft Office Project software. When you had finished the construction progress chart by MP, do you want export into DWG file to print? How to export it into AutoCAD?

Step 1: You open the required progress chart to export to CAD.

Step 2: Identification start date and finish date in construction progress. Click Project on toolbar and select Project information.

This is a tutorial identification start date and finish date.

Identification start date and finish date

Step 3: Choose tasks in progress chart that you need to export to DWG.

Help everyone to select the required tasks export to AutoCAD.

Select the required tasks exported in MP

Step 4: in Microsoft Project, click Report on toolbar and then select Copy Picture > show Copy picture dialog box > setup some option such as start date, finish date, for screen and selected rows.

This is a Copy picture tutorial with some options in MP.

Copy picture

Step 5: Open CAD and then used shortcut command is Ctrl + V > show OLE text size dialog box > click Ok button and save this file.

This is OLE text size dialog box in AutoCAD.

OLE text size

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