Xline command in AutoCAD

The XLINE command or also call construction line is same RAY command. It creates rays with no endpoints and always extends to the edges of the screen. Because there is no endpoint, the object snap feature formatted will only work with the midpoint setting which will snap to the first through point. How to use XLINE command in… Read More »

Load custom hatch pattern in AutoCAD

When you have downloaded or created hatch pattern. Now you want to load this file into AutoCAD software. How to load this application? Today I will guide to you the simply way. That is add a support file search path. If you place custom hatch file into your own folder, you can simply add support file search path.… Read More »

Convert AutoCAD DWG to PDF

In AutoCAD software have an important feature that follow you change a drawing formatted file DWG to PDF. A drawing is formatted PDF is very important when you print. It don’t change factor scale and line weight. How to convert a drawing is formatted DWG to PDF? There is simply way that print with DWG to PDF.pc3 printer.… Read More »

Ray command in AutoCAD

Ray command in AutoCAD is used to draw a ray precisely same Xline command but not limited endpoint. Ray is used to make a line alignment when you draw a projection. In addition, you can use this command to draw lines with angle anything. Step 1: Start the command Click Draw on toolbars > choose Ray Or type… Read More »

Autolisp load application in AutoCAD

How to load Application? Autolisp program is very important. It will help you to draw faster. How to load auto lisp in AutoCAD software? If you have an Autolisp file, you can load it by using load application feature in manage tab such as: Click Tool > choose Load Application. Or you can type APPLOAD command > press… Read More »

Download funiture toilet AutoCAD block library

When you design a building by AutoCAD 2D, you will need the funiture toilet AutoCAD block library to show on layout. Toilet’s funiture consist of lavabos, bathtubs, toilets, bidets.   Free Download toilet’s funiture AutoCAD block library

Sofa block AutoCAD library

AutoCAD library is very important. It help you to draw the quickest. Last time, I had intrucduced to you block collection about cars, trees, tables and chairs. Today I continouse apply for all people  AutoCAD Library about sofa chair. In architecture, Sofa is used for living room. Download Sofa block AutoCAD library

Tables and chairs model AutoCAD block library

Hello! Today, I will give for all people AutoCAD library about some tables and chairs model block. dependent on room of area , you can choose one of model block in AutoCAD library. Download Tables and chairs block model

How to use mouse in AutoCAD

Left Mouse Button Used to pick or select objects in drawing AutoCAD and perform as following: Step 1: Click the left mouse button to select an object area in the drawing. Step 2: Press ESC twice to deselect an object (or to cancel a command). Right Mouse Button When you click the right mouse button to repeat last… Read More »

How to change workplace color in AutoCAD 2012

Challenge: Change workplace’s color Solution: In AutoCAD follow to change workplace’s color with Option feature. Step 1: Type shortcut is OP or click Tool > choose Option > show Options dialog box. Step 2: Click Display > Color > show Drawing window color dialog box. Step 3: Click 2D model space > click Uniform background > choose color… Read More »