How to add new scale in AutoCAD

By | July 29, 2014

In some case, you want to show the drawing with scale that they are not the default scale list AutoCAD. This scale is used to setup viewport layout scale. Therefore, it is very important for draftsman or engineer. So how to add new scale in AutoCAD? Very easily, AutoCAD allow you to do that. You can carry out the steps as following:

Format > Scale list > AutoCAD show Edit scale list dialog box as below and then you click on Add button > CAD will show Add scale dialog box

Edit scale list-0045

Edit scale list

Add scale dialog box

Add scale dialog box

In this box, you type new scale such as 1:120 at Name appearing in scale list and you must input value at Drawing units into 120 > click on Ok button, CAD will show Edit scale list back and click Ok. So you finish adding new scale in AutoCAD

Edit scale list-0047

Edit scale list

Video tutorial

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