Create new text style in AutoCAD 2014

By | July 31, 2014

In the previously post, you are introduced How to add new scale in AutoCAD. Next to go, I will help everyone to create a text style in an AutoCAD drawing. You can save into a drawing template and then it can be used in all future drawings. CAD allow you copy text style from this drawing to other drawing and not create new text style. So how to make new text style in AutoCAD 2014?

Step 1: Click on Format on toolbar > select Text style or type ST > enter. Now AutoCAD show Text style dialog box.

Step 2: Create a new Text style’s name

Text style AutoCAD 2014-0048

New text style

In Text style box, you click on new button. After typing new name as below > Ok

Step 3: Choose font name, for example: Arial

Text style AutoCAD 2014-0049

Text style dialog box

Step 4: Choose Font style

Step 5: Setup height text. Commonly for me, you should be height=0. Because height text depend on scale drawing

Step 6: Setup Width factor. Normal, Width factor = 0.8 – 1

Another parameters as default figure

Text style AutoCAD 2014-0050

Text style dialog box

Video tutorial: