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Hatch command tutorial in AutoCAD 2012

Do you want to fill an object in the drawing by a pattern or solid? AutoCAD software follow you do this with Hatch command. In this part, I will give a hatch command tutorial in AutoCAD for everyone. You can fill an object or objects at the same time. If you would like to fill anything, it must… Read More »

Xline command in AutoCAD

The XLINE command or also call construction line is same RAY command. It creates rays with no endpoints and always extends to the edges of the screen. Because there is no endpoint, the object snap feature formatted will only work with the midpoint setting which will snap to the first through point. How to use XLINE command in… Read More »

Ray command in AutoCAD

Ray command in AutoCAD is used to draw a ray precisely same Xline command but not limited endpoint. Ray is used to make a line alignment when you draw a projection. In addition, you can use this command to draw lines with angle anything. Step 1: Start the command Click Draw on toolbars > choose Ray Or type… Read More »

How to use line command in AutoCAD

With Line command, you can create a series of contiguous line segments or independent line segments. Each segment is a line object that can be edited separately. Unlike many AutoCAD’s drawing commands, Line offers two options. Close option: When you create one more contiguous line segment and want to connect the end point with the first point, you… Read More »