Reading construction drawings tutorial book pdf

By | June 12, 2014

Reading construction drawings

AutoCAD tutorial


Construction AutoCAD drawings are necessary in most spheres of the building industry, as being the best means of conveying detailed and often complex information from the designer to all those concerned with the job. Building trades people, especially carpenters and joiners, should be familiar with the basic principles involved in understanding and reading drawings correctly. Mistakes on either side – in design or interpretation of the design – can be costly, as drawings form a legal part of the contract between architect/client and builder. This applies even on small jobs, where only good will may suffer; for this reason, if a non-contractual drawing or sketch is supplied, it should be kept for a period of time after completion of the job, in case any queries should arise.


1.1.1. Retention of Drawings or Sketches

1.1.2 Scales Used on Drawings

1.1.3 Correct Expressions of Dimensions

1.1.4 Sequence of Dimensioning

1.1.5 Dimension Lines and Figures

1.1.6 Special-purpose Lines


1.2.1 Introduction

1.2.2 First-angle Projection

1.2.3 Opening the Topless Box

1.2.4 Third-angle Projection

1.2.5 Pictorial Projections

1.2.6 Isometric Projection


1.3.1 Cavalier Projection

1.3.2 Cabinet Projection

1.3.3 Planometric Projection

1.3.4 Perspective Projections

1.3.5 Graphical Symbols and Representation

1.3.6 Window Indication

1.3.7 Door Indication

1.3.8 Block Plans

1.3.9 Site Plans

1.3.10 Location Drawings

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