How to print layout in AutoCAD 2012

By | January 24, 2014

Hi! Welcome back to AutoCAD Tutorial

Previously lesson, I guide to print drawing in AutoCAD. Today I will introduce to you a function print layout. This plot way is very important for users because it help us print quickly more and save time.

Drawing’s requirements when you choose plot layout:

  • All drawing must showed in layout.
  • Per layout present only one drawing.
  • Frame drawing name must match the paper size in layout.

Steps to plot layout as following:

  • Step 1: Choose layout anything > Hold on mouse here > click right of mouse > choose Page setup manager >


Help to choose page setup manager in AutoCAD 2012

Choose Page setup manager

> show Page setup manager > click New button > type new name as A1 > click Ok button > show Page setup – A1 > you choose plot name, plot style table, paper size, plot offset, plot scale according with your requirement > click Ok button > Close.

Page setup before print layout in AutoCAD 2012

Page setup

  • Step 2: click all layout need to plot > hold on mouse on layout status > click right of mouse > choose publish select layout > show Publish > sheet name column, you choose all layout > Page setup, you choose plotter name is A1 > click Publish button.
Setup Publish before print layout in AutoCAD 2012

Setup Publish