How to make custom linetype custom in AutoCAD?

By | September 30, 2023

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The “MKLTYPE” command in AutoCAD (Make Linetype) allows you to create a new linetype from objects or shapes you have drawn within your current drawing. Here are the steps to use the “MKLTYPE” command:

  1. Open the AutoCAD drawing in which you want to create a new linetype.
  2. In the AutoCAD interface, type “MKLTYPE” into the command line and press Enter or the Spacebar.
  3. AutoCAD will prompt you to specify a name for the new linetype. Enter a name for your linetype and press Enter.
  4. Now, you need to draw objects or a sequence of objects to form the linetype. You can draw lines, dashes, dots, and spaces as you desire.
  5. When you’ve finished drawing, press Enter to complete the linetype creation process.
  6. AutoCAD will ask you whether you want to save the new linetype in a LIN file or not. Choose “Yes” to save the linetype to a LIN file or “No” to use it only within the current drawing.
  7. Your new linetype will be created and available in the linetype list when you use the “LT” command or in the Linetype Manager dialog (“LINETYPE” or “LTSCALE”).

Remember that when you create a linetype using the “MKLTYPE” command, it will be available only within the current drawing or saved in a LIN file. To use this linetype in other drawings, you will need to either copy the LIN file containing the linetype or use the “INSERT” feature to insert the linetype from the LIN file into a new drawing.

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