How to activate one command in AutoCAD

By | August 24, 2014

How to activate one command in AutoCAD?

List Shortcut keys AutoCAD 2015

Shortcut keys AutoCAD

I think that this question is very popular for beginners with using AutoCAD. Do you think so? CAD gives a lot of ways to run one command. For instance, you want to use the Line command. You can use ways as follows:

  1. You can type LINE at the command line.
  2. You can type L at the command line
  3. You can click on the Line command icon on the screen.
  4. You can click Draw on the toolbar and then select Line.

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  1. Tommybluegrass

    Thanks for sharing a well organized list of short cuts grouped logically for ease of reference.
    Is it possible to obtain a electronic download of your content with copy-right issues?


  2. shrikrishna karpe

    I love AutoCAD and tricks above and short cut keys for it

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