Control cursor in AutoCAD

By | February 4, 2014

Challenge: control cursor’s color, crosshair size, pick box size

Solution: in AutoCAD follow you do those. You can change cursor’s color, size very easy so that according with your wish. Option command will help you do those as following:

Cursor’s color:

The default cursor’s color is white

Access option dialog box, click display > color > 2D model space > crosshair > choose color anything.

Modify cursor's color in AutoCAD by OPTION command.

Modify cursor’s color in AutoCAD

Cursor’s crosshair size:

Default crosshair size in AutoCAD software

Crosshair size default

After modify crosshair size in AutoCAD

After modifing crosshair size

Access option dialog box, click display > crosshair size > input value anything, for example 100.

Cursor’s pick box size:

Access option dialog box, click selection > pick box size and then modify value.

Help to modify pickbox size in AutoCAD's options

Modify pickbox size in options

Cursor's pickbox size in AutoCAD after modify

After modifing pickbox size


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