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Error Unknow command all AutoCAD version

By | March 18, 2016

How to fix error Unknown command all AutoCAD version? We usually got some error related to unable to call command on AutoCAD. When you call shortcut and then Enter but there is an announcement “Unknown command “XX”. Press F1 for help”. This error is common for most of commands. For example you call command L to request Line,… Read More »

Error installation AutoCAD 2012

By | February 16, 2016

To learn about AutoCAD 2012 AutoCAD 2012 version was released by Autodesk in late 2011. AutoCAD 2012 has many improvements superior to previous versions. It restricts and eliminates some errors Not Respoding … System Requirements a. With AutoCAD 2012 – 32bit: Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium (compare Windows 7 versions); Microsoft Windows… Read More »

Error language when installing AutoCAD 2015

By | December 3, 2015

When you install AutoCAD version 2015 on Window, you usually get some errors that you don’t know how to fix. You search on google but you don’t know the suitable keywords, in best case you should type this content: “This product or prerequisites do not support currently selected language” and search. However another problem is you are not… Read More »

Recover a drawing in AutoCAD 2015

By | November 28, 2015

How to recover a drawing in AutoCAD 2015? Because of some objective reasons (losing electricity, computer issue) or subjective reasons (unintentionally turn off the computer), AutoCAD is shut down without saving drawing and wasting your effort that time. Then, you don’t know what to do to recover that drawing. In this Article, I will guide you how to recover a… Read More »

Error Net framework 4.5 when install AutoCAD

By | November 23, 2015

Error “.Net framework 4.5” when AutoCAD is installed on windows which is one of the common mistakes when you installed that no specific recovery instructions. This error is common when you install AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD 2015 … on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Contents of error is .NET 4.5 is installed. AutoCAD … English can not be installed without… Read More »

Error not enough configuration when install AutoCAD 2015

By | November 6, 2015

AutoCAD version 2015 is one among versions of Autodesk that is edited and updated most. It brings new experience, tools is logically arranged at Ribbon area without causing eye strain to user in long-time working… but on the contrary it requires a not-low computer configuration. Many people decide to upgrade to version 2015 without researching about configuration software… Read More »

Save block as dwg

By | October 28, 2015

How to save block as dwg or as separate file? The widget of Block I’ve already said in “introduce to Block” series so in this tutorial, I will not say it again. In this tutorial, I will guide you how to save block into file to use for other drawing – similar to saving blocks into computer as a… Read More »

How to repair Fatal error AutoCAD?

By | September 24, 2015

One of the most annoying mistake of AutoCAD is a Fatal error. A serious error of type forced to exit the program. The following article would introduce some causes Fatal error and how to fix Fatal error in AutoCAD, is based on Autodesk help. Fatal error occurs when you are using a command or function. It appears an error message with “AutoCAD aborting… Read More »

How to reduce dwg file size?

By | July 10, 2015

When working with AutoCAD, sometimes you may find that your files have been unusually large. Drawing file of size is too large which will give more difficult for you. It can make slow your system even lead to application crashed or shut down. Another reason why you want to reduce dwg file of size cad is easy to attach in… Read More »