How to add text under dimension line in AutoCAD

By | April 24, 2014

In the structure drawing or any drawing, dimension is very important and not lack. In some case, you want to add a legend under dimension line. For beginner, they often add a text. So this way is not good. Beacause when you stretch this dimension, it don’t move and you must move these texts. In this lesson, I will give an AutoCAD tip how to add a text under dimension line in AutoCAD.

  • Step 1: Select dimension line requestment
  • Step 2: Type ED at command line > Enter
  • Step 3: Press arrow of key to move cursor to right direct
  • Step 4: Insert “\+X+Text

    Help to Insert letters to add text upper dimension in autocad

    Insert “\+X+Text”

    Add text upper dimension line

    Result after insert “\+X+Text”

Video tutorial add a text under dimension line

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