Lock tutorial AutoCAD drawing

By | February 18, 2014

Do you want to prevent other people to open your drawing?

I think that if you have an important drawing, you should lock it. In this part, I will give tutorial to you do this.

Step 1: You open AutoCAD drawing that you need to lock.

Step 2: Choose save as > now show save drawing as dialog box, you click Tool at right of corner and then choose security options.

This is a tutorial to choose security options in AutoCAD software.

Security options feature in AutoCAD

Step 3: AutoCAD will open security options dialog box, you can input password here and must choose this encrypt drawing properties option, after clock click Ok. AutoCAD will ask you confirm password > click Ok.

AutoCAD ask you to enter password to lock your drawing.

Enter password

Step 3: Now you can save drawing.

Step 4: Checking, when you open, AutoCAD will ask you to enter password to open drawing


This protection can help you to prevent other users open drawing, but remember, you must remember that password, if not you never open it again.

Author: DungCEN

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