Lisp AutoCAD – Separate Hatch

By | May 8, 2023

The topic today: Lisp AutoCAD – Separate Hatch

Shortcut command: BRH

Step to step as follow:

  1. Load Lisp
  2. Type BRH and Enter
  3. Pick Pline
  4. Pick Separative Hatch region

Code Lisp:

(defun c:BRH ()
(grtext -1 “”)
(setq Pline (car (entsel “\n Pick Pline”))
e (entsel “\nPick Area Hatch “)
hObj (car e)
pt (cadr e)
(command “.trim” Pline “” pt “” “-hatch” pt “” “_MATCHPROP” hObj (entlast) “”))

Download Lisp here: Link 1, Link 2

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Author: DungCEN

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