How to create new Dimension style in AutoCAD 2023?

By | May 6, 2023

The topic today: How to create a new Dimension style in AutoCAD 2023?

Creating a new dimension style in AutoCAD 2023 involves several steps. Here’s a step-by-step process for doing it:

1. Open AutoCAD 2023 and load any drawing where you want to create a new dimension style.

2. Type `DIMSTYLE` or `D` in the command line and press Enter. This will open the Dimension Style Manager.

3. In the Dimension Style Manager dialogue box, you will find a list of existing dimension styles. Click the ‘New…’ button to create a new dimension style.

4. A ‘Create New Dimension Style’ dialogue box will appear. Enter a unique name for your new dimension style in the ‘Name’ field. Choose a ‘Start with’ style as a base for your new style (for example, ‘Standard’). Click ‘Continue’.

5. You will now see the ‘New Dimension Style’ dialogue box, which has several tabs: Lines, Symbols and Arrows, Text, Fit, and Primary Units. You can customize the dimension style settings according to your preferences.

Lines: Here, you can modify the dimension lines, extension lines, and visual aspects such as line color, line type, and line weight.

Symbols and Arrows: Customize arrowheads and symbols, including leader and zeros display.

Text: Adjust the font style, text height, color, and other text attributes.

Fit: Control how AutoCAD fits the dimension lines, extension lines, and text within the dimension limits.

Primary Units: Set the unit format, precision, and other settings for dimension measurement.

6. After customizing the settings in each tab, click ‘OK’ to save your new dimension style.

7. You will now see your new dimension style in the Dimension Style Manager’s list. To apply your new style to future dimensions, select it and click ‘Set Current’. Click ‘Close’ to exit the Dimension Style Manager.

8. Now you can start creating dimensions using your new dimension style. Use the various dimension commands (e.g., `LINEAR`, `RADIAL`, `ANGULAR`, etc.) to place dimensions in your drawing.

Remember to keep saving your work as you progress, and you should now be able to create and apply your custom dimension styles in AutoCAD 2023.

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