Tips for AutoCAD User – Layer

By | April 9, 2024

Just like Revit, Photoshop, or SketchUp software,… AutoCAD also has a layer feature. If you don’t know this feature, it’s deplorable. If you need to successfully use commands or functions related to Layers, it will help you work faster and save time.

With layers, you can:

  • Associate objects by their function or location.
  • Display or hide all related objects in a single operation.
  • Specify linetype, color, lineweight, and other standards for each layer.

To use Layer well, you need to know the following issues:

  • Create, delete layers, and set layer parameters such as color, linetype, lineweight, …
  • Hide/Unhide, Lock/Unlock Layer,…
  • Each layer you assign to an object. For example: Walls on one layer, Ceilings on another layer.

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Author: DungCEN

Thanks for visiting my blog!