How to make Fillet corner in AutoCAD?

By | October 4, 2014

You can see figure as below. What do you find the difference? A corner is filleted here. So, how to create this corner?

Fillet corner AutoCAD, Fillet command

Fillet corner AutoCAD

1st way: You can make a circle contact with two line and then using Trim command.

2nd way:  You can use Fillet command and do as following

step 1: Type F > Enter

step 2: Type R > Enter

step 3: Input  Radius for Fillet corner

step 4: Select two lines that it create this corner

command: F

Select first object or [Undo/Polyline/Radius/Trim/Multiple]: R

Specify fillet radius <3.0000>: Input radius of value

Select first object or [Undo/Polyline/Radius/Trim/Multiple]: Click on first line

Select second object or shift-select to apply corner: Click on second line