How to calculate an area in AutoCAD

By | May 27, 2014

In some case, you have complex layout shape. How to calculate area in AutoCAD drawing?

AutoCAD tutorial

AREA command

  1. Type AREA at the command prompt

Command: AREA

  1. Pick points for area calculation

             Specify first corner point or [Object/Add area/Subtract area] <Object>: Pick

             Specify next point or [Arc/Length/Undo] : Pick

             Specify next point or [Arc/Length/Undo/Total] <Total>: Pick

  1. Press ENTER when you are finished choosing points.

             Area =? Perimeter =?

Calculate area AutoCAD with AREA command

Area result with AREA command

In this command, AutoCAD give three options to you

  • Object – Allows user to pick an object to calculate area (circle or polyline).
  • Add – Adds separate areas for a total area calculation
  • Subtract – Subtracts areas from each other.

LI command

  1. Type LI at the command prompt
  2. Select object need to calculate area
  3. Press ENTER
Calculate area with list command in AutoCAD

Area result with LI command

Note: LI command only applies to objects that are circle or polyline. Area and Li command is not only calculates area but also calculate perimeter for object. In addition, Li command can calculate for object.

Video tutorial: