How to add Plotter in AutoCAD 2014?

By | October 15, 2014

Hi! Everyone

In this lesson, I will give a steps tutorials how to add a plotter in AutoCAD 2014. Almost of printers auto to connect to all software application such as Microsoft office, Photoshop, 3D max, Revit architecture,.. and AutoCAD is too. If you are sure that printer driver installed but you don’t find this plotter when printing. You need to consider your computer operation.

Step 1: You click on File > Plotter manager.

Select Plotter Manager, add printer

Select Plotter Manager

Step 2: Click double on Add A Plot Wizard shortcut > Show on Add Plotter – Introduction page

Plotters Dialogue, Add printer

Plotters Dialogue

Step 3: Click on Next

Add Plotter Introduction page, add printer

Add Plotter Introduction page

Step 4: AutoCAD give three option for you such as My computer, Network plotters sever and System Printer. In this part, I will help to add plotter from System printer. Select as figure below > Next

Add Plotter - Begin, add printer

Add Plotter – Begin


Step 5: Choose Plotter > Next

Add Plotter- System Printer

Add Plotter- System Printer

Step 6: You can change Plotter’s name > Next

Add Plotter-Plotter name

Add Plotter-Plotter name

Step 7: Finish

Add plotter-Finish

Add plotter-Finish

Now, you can go back Plotter manager. You will see printer added as figure below

Plotter Manager

Plotter Manager