Error paper space only show black and white

By | April 12, 2014

Sometime you receive some AutoCAD drawings from your customer or group’s member. When you open this file, you only see object’s layer in the model space with layer’s property. However, in the paper space has a problem that all obejcts only show in black and white color. You must be relax, don’t worry about that. Today, I will help you to repair this error.

Object of layer is showed model space AutoCAD

Model space

Object of layer is showed paper space AutoCAD

Paper space

You can carry out steps as following:

Step 1: Click right of mouse on layout > select page setup manager and show pagep setup manager box.

How to acces Page setup manager layout AutoCAD

Page setup manager

Step 2: Select layout > press Modify button and show Page setup dialog box.

Select layout in the Page setup manager box

Page setup manager box

Step 3: Not choose Display plot style

Not select display spot style in page setup box

page setup box

Step 4: Back page setup manager box

Image of page setup manager

Page setup manager box

And this is result:

Result error paper space in black and whitteVideo tutorial: