Controls the display of the Start tab

By | February 24, 2024

AUTOCADTIP.COM – How to Controls the display of the Start tab in AutoCAD?

Solution: Using variable STARTMODE


Step 2: Input value 0 or 1

Step 3: Enter > finish

Variable Default value Command affected Description

Saved in: Registry


1 0 – Closes the Start tab and it will be disabled the next time you launch the application.
1 – Start tab is enabled and displayed.


When changing the value of STARTMODE from 0 to 1, you must restart AutoCAD for the Start tab to be displayed. If you are running AutoCAD in a single document mode (SDI =1), the Start tab will be displayed after you change the value of SDI to 0 and restart AutoCAD.

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Author: DungCEN

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