What are new features AutoCAD 2016?

By | March 30, 2015

Currently, AutoCAD 2016 version is issued. In the new version, I ensure that it will give new features to all users. In this post, I will introduce some new features AutoCAD 2016. You can read this informations on some website or social network. I hope that this ducuments can help to improve AutoCAD skill for everyone.

What are new features AutoCAD 2016?

New features AutoCAD 2016

AutoCAD 2016 version

1. XREF layer control feature

This is one of new AutoCAD 2016 version feature. It will be very helpful to user. What will it help us to resolve problems? Your electrical drawing refers two other discipline’s drawings such as Structural drawing & Mechanical drawing. The problem comes when you print your drawing. Your electrical content is hard to differentiate from other drawing. If another disciplines used their layers “Bylayer” you can change easily how they display in your drawing.

But since some of their layer colors have been “Overridden” meaning that someone changed the color from “Bylayer” to something else. It is difficult to get the desired result for your drawing without having to open their drawing.

With AutoCAD 2016, you can easily see what layers are in you drawing and what layers belong to the XREF both in the Layers “Properties Palette” and in the “Layers Dropdown”.

2. Split Dimensions feature

Previously, I want to split dimensions, you could use AutoLisp to carry this functionality. If you have an existing dimension, you can pull a dimension that meets at the original dimension line and be prompted on how to handle the result. And one of the options is to split the dimension. This feature will help you to make object’s dimensions quickly. Everyone can try doing.

3. Text Frame and Background mask for Text feature

This new feature only apply on Mtext feature. For AutoCAD 2016 version, Mtext can have a text frame that dynamically sizes as you edit the text. You can select the Mtext and then look in the Properties palette, under the “Text” area, notice the new “Text frame” option and change  it from “No” to “Yes”

Note: The size of the text frame is determined by the size of the background mask offset factor. Which brings another great possibility combining the new Text frame option with a background mask.

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  1. Margaret Michael

    TEXTMASK.LSP is not working properly in IDSS2016 (using solids or wipeouts). Previews look OK, but the .PDF output *using any of the supplied .PDF drivers* have random black masks instead of the defined color. Help!


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