Recover a drawing in AutoCAD 2015

By | November 28, 2015

How to recover a drawing in AutoCAD 2015?

Because of some objective reasons (losing electricity, computer issue) or subjective reasons (unintentionally turn off the computer), AutoCAD is shut down without saving drawing and wasting your effort that time. Then, you don’t know what to do to recover that drawing. In this Article, I will guide you how to recover a drawing in AutoCAD 2015.


The recovery achieves the highest performance which means the most nearest drawing file, your autocad must be in Auto save file mode within the shortest time.

How to recover the drawing:

After restart computer, you open AutoCAD software. Click on the red symbol of autocad at the top left corner of working screen.

Click “drawing utilities” -> Click “Open the drawing recovery manager”.

Open the drawing recovery manager

Open the drawing recovery manager

Drawing recovery manager

Drawing recovery manager

AutoCAD will display some backup files. Click choose which file you want to recover (normally depend on saving time of that file which is on “Details” to see which closest file is saved). Double click on that file and type “Ctrl + S” to save file as “Autocad 2007/LT2007 Drawing (*dwg)” type.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, have a good job!

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