Control cursor in AutoCAD

Challenge: control cursor’s color, crosshair size, pick box size Solution: in AutoCAD follow you do those. You can change cursor’s color, size very easy so that according with your wish. Option command will help you do those as following: Cursor’s color: The default cursor’s color is white Access option dialog box, click display > color > 2D model… Read More »

How to Type command in AutoCAD

All AutoCAD commands can be typed in at the command line. Commands have shortcut keys that can enter shortcut command or type command sentence. So commands have not shortcut that only type command sentence Step 1: Type the desired command at the command prompt. Command: COPY Or Type the command’s alias. Command: CO Step 2: Type an option… Read More »

Repeat last command in AutoCAD software

AutoCAD software has got an important feature that is repeating the last command. It helps you to draw quickly more. The last used AutoCAD command can be repeated again by one of the following three methods: 1st way: press ENTER key 2nd way: press SPACE key 3rd way: press RIGHT OF MOUSE

Tutorial install AutoCAD 2012

To use AutoCAD 2012 software, you need to install on your computer. Today, I give a tutorial to you how to install AutoCAD 2012. Ok let’s start! Step 1: Run setup.exe file. Step 2: Choose install this on computer. Step 3: Choose country or region > click I Accept icon > next. Step 4: Input product information: serial… Read More »

Tree AutoCAD block library

Previously, I applied for you about car AutoCAD block library. Continous today I will give for everyone tree AutoCAD block library. There are a lot of tree all layout, elevation. It will help Architecture have a drawing design completely. Download tree block library