How to Change background color in AutoCAD

By | October 10, 2017

Change background color on AutoCAD is a common question that some of you inbox for help. Some wants to change from black to white background, and some wants to change white to black one. After successfully installing AutoCAD, the default background is white, but it is more convenience to change it into black. So why must I change background color on AutoCAD as well as other versions into black? In my opinion, after trying to work with all colors in color library of autocad, I realize that black can bring the best contrast for layer in the same drawing. If you use black, you will not confuse between background color and layer color. Black color also allows us to work longer because it cause less dazzle while you’re working… With only these reasons, you can see that using black as background color on AutoCAD or other versions is totally reasonable.

Instruction to change background color in AutoCAD into Black

After installing AutoCAD, open this software, you will see its background color is white. To set it to black, do as follow:

  1. At command line, input OP shortcut then Press Space bar or Enter to call Option Dialog.
  2. At Option dialog window, click Display Tag
  3. At Display tag space, select Colors tab…
  4. Drwing window colors displayed, find Color tab:
  5. At Color tab: click on scrollbar to see color library of AutoCAD.
  6. Select black
  7. Click Appy and Close to close Drwing Wingdow Colors dialog
  8. Click Apply and OK to confirm and close Option dialog.


Instruction to change background color on AutoCAD (advance)

For those who want to change background color in Layout working space or Block Editor or Command line… do as follow:

1. Do the same as step 1 to 3 above.

2. At Drwing Window Colors, there are 3 small window you need to note:

  • Context: Selected area you want to change background color on AutoCAD (Model, Layout, block editor, Command line…).
  • Interface element: This area you set default is Uniform Background.
  • Preview: The space helps us to see in advance.

3. After selecting at Context menu, click Color tag to choose what color you want.
4. Click Apply & Close to close the Drwing Window Colors.

With Layout space, to set black background to all area, you need to click to uncheck the -option like image below.


5. Click Apply and OK to confirm and close Option dialog.

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