Download Revit Families MEP 2017

By | July 29, 2017
Download Revit families MEP

Download Revit families MEP

In this article, I will send you a set of Revit families. This families specializes M&E. During learning or designing with Revit. The library full everything which you need for your job is extremely valuable. But creating a complete and accurate library is not possible.

Recently, I have collected a lot of Revit libraries. It is the product of the appliance company. Products of the manufacturers of materials and equipment. I have integrated into a complete Revit family. This family specializes in M&E field. Its content contains all the Family’s of electrical systems, water systems and ventilation systems. Covered a lot of the products of many suppliers. It will meet all your needs so you save time designing.

How to download this Revit families?

For simplicity for everyone, I have split up. Suitable for each specialty. So who do full M&E then have to download all 3 files. Anybody do one or two patches will save load time.

Download Revit families about Water Equipment.

Put a lot of specialized equipment for the doctor. To download the doctor click on the link below.

Download Revit families about Electrical equipment.

It is a warehouse of electrical equipment of all famous and popular brands in the market. They just download and do.

Download Revit families about HVAC equipment (HVAC).

It contains a lot of equipment from most of the existing air conditioners on the market. From VRV air conditioning to Chiler air conditioning. Many details of the ventilation system such as elbows, numb, fall, wind mouth … I download and experience offline.

Download Revit families about architecture and structure.

One last part. That is a collection lot of libraries full everything. From architecture, structure, …. ForĀ  who wants a full revit families.

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